Outsourcing of IT-department

Doing Business and effective work of the company today is impossible without well-functioning information environment. Computers, servers, modems, fax machines, printers, telephones – is that facilitates the work of all employees, which is why the whole system should work without a glitch.

The BusinessSupport Company offers a service “Outsourcing IT-department”.

Outsourcing of IT-department – a way to company activity optimization due to the delegate functions of computer service, telephone systems and networks to the company, which is a specialist in this area.

Handover of computer and telephone systems in outsourcing is beneficial because:
– You economize on the content of the whole staff, beginning from jobs providing, ending tax;
– Get a guarantee that your application will be executed promptly and accurately;
– Provided services are completely corresponded the latest developments in this field;
– Allows to simplify financial planning – you simply appropriate a certain amount every month and we do everything for you.

We provide the following services:
– IT-service organizations “turnkey”;
– Configuration and ensuring the smooth operation of servers;
– Development, Installation and setup of computer and telephone networks;
– Service users’ workstations;
– Forming-up of the call center based on IP-telephony integrated with CRM;
– Centralized technical support, SLA.

We fulfill orders of any complexity. Working with us, you can be certain that your order will be completed efficiently and on time.