Legal support

The first steps to establish of the business is closely connected with many legal aspects that directly affect its future development and prosperity. The BusinessSupport Company provides services “Legal support for starting a business.”

We can help you from the very beginning:
– Advise on the choice of the form of ownership;
– Provide advice and services in opening branches, representative offices, subsidiary;
– Prepare all documents for registration of the enterprise;
– Develop a draft statute;
– Conduct the registration of the company in state agencies;
– Build the corporate structure, taking into account the specifics of your company;
– Develop a contract to work with suppliers, customers and contractors;
– Many other things on request

In addition, we can provide you and your business legal support in the further work of your company. We offer:
– Control over the contract activities of the enterprise;
– Solving corporate disputes;
– Representing the interests the company in the court;
– Checking the reliability of suppliers, customers;
– Other services on request.

Our team of experts will execute your request as soon as possible.
The BusinessSupport Company – your reliable business support.