Outsourcing of HR department

Staff, personnel, employees – are synonymous with the well-known concepts of Human Resources, which translates from English as “human resources”. Indisputably, that without human resources, or more simply, without the staff no one company cannot function.

Optimum selection of the people in the company by professional qualities and personal characteristics can do out only a professional. Because cohesive team of professionals allows companies to reach considerable heights.

The BusinessSupport Company offers a service “Outsourcing HR”. We are happy to take on the care of the selection, adaptation and motivation of both new and existing staff. Trusting these important tasks to our experts, you:
– Get quality HR administration;
– Save the lion’s share of time on finding the candidates’ resumes and interviewing with them;
– Reduce paperwork company;
– Significant savings on the content of recruitment.

In turn, we:
– Select personnel according to your requirements both in skills and knowledge, and on the personal qualities;
– Analyze the labor market;
– Analyze wages in the industry you are interested in Ukraine as a whole, and in a particular region;
– Organize training courses for personal and professional growth, adaptation, teambuilding team;
– Undertake all the paperwork for Personnel.

Our experts perform their work efficiently and on time.
The BusinessSupport Company – your reliable business support.