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Interpreter services

Communication with foreign partners and clients – an integral part of life of many companies. This includes business correspondence and telephone conversations, and translations of contracts and other documentation in a foreign language, and, of course, personal meetings and negotiations. Comfortable communication and mutual understanding with your partners can realize only upscale interpreter.

The BusinessSupport Company provide you qualified interpreters from / into various languages of the world. English, French, Czech, Polish, Hebrew and many other languages.

Personal interpreter will accompany you on business trips, visit with you professional exhibitions and conferences, help to feel the culture of the visited country and choose cultural and recreational activities.

Our interpreters have a deep knowledge of terminology in various fields of business, science and technology, which guarantees high quality and accurate translation on a particular subject.

We provide the following services:
– Personal interpreter « turnkey »;
– Simultaneous interpreting at meetings, negotiations, conferences;
– Simultaneous interpreting of films, videos;
– Translation of contracts, financial, technical and other documentation;
– Providing a guide-interpreter to accompany delegations in tourist trips;
– Oral literary translation;
– And much more.

Our company guarantees high quality of services.