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Consultation of choosing the form of ownership

A number of important issues always accompanies starting a business: beginning with the question « and what is still to do?” and ending the recruitment. The second most important after choosing business profile question is what form of ownership to assign.

The choosing of the ownership form determines the taxation system, the number and responsibilities of the founders, type of activities that businessperson can be engaged and many other nuances. Therefore, it is necessary to approach very responsible for choosing the form of your company ownership.

The BusinessSupport Company help you decide:
– How to register your company;
– What the tax system would be optimal taking into account exactly your type of business and number of founders;
– From what and how best to form the authorized capital;
– What kind of company structure to build;
– How best to reflect your interests in the statute;
– How to minimize the risks associated with operating;
– And many other things.

Our team of professionals will fully plunge into your questions and provide you with the most detailed advice.

The company BusinessSupport – your reliable business support.