Business supportBlogDo you want to expand your business? Get in touch and we’ll tell you the best ways of doing so!

Do you want to expand your business? Get in touch and we’ll tell you the best ways of doing so!

The Business Support Company has been establishing IT companies or software development department “turnkey” for the clients.
«Business Support» is a team of professionals who help foreigners with all aspects of setting-up and running a successful business in Ukraine.
We can help you from the very beginning:
– Advise on the choice of the form of ownership;
– Provide advice and services in opening branches, representative offices, subsidiary;
– Prepare all documents for registration of the enterprise;
– Develop a draft statute;
– Conduct the registration of the company in state agencies;
– Build the corporate structure, taking into account the specifics of your company;
– Develop a contract to work with suppliers, customers and contractors;
– Assistance in the selection of the servicing bank;
– Full of advice on your questions;
– Many other things on request

To establish such company you should take into consideration one-time and monthly payments. You should collect data about the next:
∙ Company Registration — LTD with foreign owner; furniture purchases;
∙ IT hardware purchases; Office rent 15-30$/sq.meters. Trademark registration if necessary.
∙ The total sum for one-time expense: could be about 1200 euro and for opening an LTD in Ukraine takes about 10 working days. Also, there should be monthly payments as:
∙ Office rent
∙ Light Heat & Power
∙ Serviced office
∙ Guard services
∙ Internet services
∙ Cleaning services
∙ Food & Beverages
∙ Postage / stationary
∙ Medical insurance for candidates
∙ Office Equipment & Furniture
∙ Marketing support
∙ Accounting support
∙ Legal support
∙ Other costs

We help international investors do business in Ukraine. Our team of professionals will help you deal with all of the above check-points and much more. Alongside a wide range of offered services, we guide you throughout the whole process of organizing business in Ukraine and guarantee to find the right specialists for you. Moreover, we hold responsibility for full functionality of your business in our country. Results which are achieved by our clients speak for themselves. Among such are efficient R&D departments, fully functioning developing and outsourced IT build-ups, as well as company’s representative offices – these, are only a few examples of our capabilities.

Ukraine is an actively developing country open for new business, investment and cooperation. Do not miss this great time to enter the Ukrainian market with a large growth potential. We will be happy to supply your business with support from top professionals in your industry.

The Business Support Company – your reliable business support.