Outsourcing of call centers

During its development, the company makes as a lot of effort to find new customers and to create and maintain their positive image. Not the last place in this process takes communication with the customer on the phone. According to statistics, with the effective reception of incoming calls sales level is increased by 10-15%, and professionally executed broadcast call to potential clients can form the basis of the customer base. It is best to cope with this task for a team of specially trained professionals.

The BusinessSupport Company offers a service “Outsourcing call centers.”

Transferring your tasks on canvas and income calling in our reliable hands will allow you to:
– Reduce costs for maintenance and training of additional staff;
– To reduce the cost of purchasing expensive equipment;
– Extend the time period of receiving calls from customers (for example, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year);
– Improve communication between your company and the end user;
– Relieve your main employees, which will improve the quality of their work.

We provide the following services:
– Hotline;
– Broadcast call to the existing customer base;
– Incoming calls;
– NewsLetter, business proposals;
– Telemarketing;
– Presentation of the company on the phone;
– Sending voice messages and much more.

Our company guarantees providing the highest quality services and compliance with deadlines.