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Financial and analytical support

Successful work of the enterprise depends on many subtleties. One of the major is the ability to plan and assign the company’s cash.

The BusinessSupport Company offers our customers a new service “financial and analytical business support.”

Little theory. Financial support is different from the accounting support that а) the first one deals with the financial manager, and the second – is an accountant, and they are different people; b) financial and analytical support aims to as much as possible distribute the financial flows of the enterprise more efficiently.

Our professional team within the financial support provides the following services:
– Analysis of the enterprise balance, company fiscal status;
– Assessment of the current affairs of the company;
– Expenses and profit management;
– Distribution and redistribution of the current profits of the enterprise;
– Business planning and financial modeling;
– Management Accounting;
– Strategic and operational controlling;
– Investment advice.

With our help, your business will become more profitable.
The BusinessSupport Company – your reliable business support.