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Consultations on foreign economic activity

Foreign economic activity in Ukraine is regulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Foreign Economic Activity” from 16.04.1991, the entire system of state regulation of foreign trade activities based on this Act, except that it defines the rights and responsibilities of both regulatory bodies and subjects of foreign trade.

For successful cooperation with foreign partners, timely receipt of goods, in order to avoid downtime and storage of goods over the period in a customs warehouse need to know many subtleties associated with cargoes registration; and the rights and the rules of work with the Customs.

The BusinessSupport Company provides advice in foreign trade activities for all business entities:
● We will explain accessibly in detail to you characteristics and the order of registration of export, import and other customs procedures;
● Help to determine the duty number of the goods;
● Explain all the intricacies of foreign exchange controls and mandatory payments;
● Show you how to prepare documents to Customs office to have any a question to you, where and how to obtain various permits, letters, Certificates, etc.

We will undertake representation of your interests in customs bodies and fulfill all quality and in the shortest possible time.